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Double-facing Cradle

A unique acrobatic act combining grace and power. With high energy and even higher swings, this composition of synchronised flights, directional changes and passes is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

Banquine Cabaret

Get ready to be pulled into the fantastic world of the cabaret. This number is high energy and high tempo. You don't want to take your eyes off for one second, so you won't miss anything.


Washington Trapeze - Ada

An act all about grace. Ada moves elegantly on stage and shines through to the furthest audience with her ferocious femininity. Her poise and balance on the Washington trapeze make it seem as though she hasn’t even left the ground.


Tightwire - Linnea

A beautifully sensitive tight-wire act with a powerful tango twist. Dancing elegantly and softly on a thin wire, this alluring performer leaves her audience mesmerised. A true femme fatale that will steal your heart.


Finnish Folk Banquine

Who doesn't love Finnish folk dances? Don't know what they are? Soon you will. This act takes the aspects of the traditional Finnish folk dances and uses them in a new and creative way together with banquine technique.


Cyr Wheel - Armas

A furiously spinning dance where strength and dynamics are balanced with smooth body lines and graceful movement. Armas is a performer whose charisma will reach the edges of the big top.


Swinging Trapeze - Pihla

Swinging trapeze spiced with floor acrobatics. This act shows the beauty of flying combined with strength and flexibility.


Aerial Straps - Ilkka

This aerial straps act is a combination of strength and lightness of flying, bringing out the masculine side of the discipline.


Aerial Pole - Minna

Not the average feminine aerial pole act you're used to. In this act Minna releases her inner Finnish rocker, a side you might not have guessed she had based on her adorable looks.

Vertical Rope - Orfeo

Calm and relaxed, this act brings peace of mind to those watching. Powerful acrobatic technique, made light and finished off with clean lines make this act easy to enjoy.

Hand-to-Hand - Easy

This hand-to-hand act is not a story but a moment, wanting to be heard, to be seen, to be felt. The contemporary act expresses its inspiration, the song, through movement and impressive technique.

Duo Straps - Ilkka & Pihla

A duo straps act mixing the aesthetics of aerial dance and pair acrobatics to create a powerful yet softly flowing number.


Hand-to-Hand - Guarda Che Luna

This is a hand-to-hand act about two people who are attracted to each other but are too shy to show it. It is inspired by the reserved nature of the Finnish people and a tradition called 'Lavatanssit' (Pavillion dances).

Hand-to-Hand - Myrskyluodon Maija

A representation of a Finnish love story based on the novel 'Myrskyluodon Maija'. A touching combination of dance, movement and hand-to-hand acrobatics.