A long awaited road trip comes to an abrupt stop and six friends are left stranded in the middle of the brutal Nordic summer, with all its unpredictability. With themes of love, sleeplessness, bugs, dancing and a little bit of insanity this show has everything you could ask for, and leaves you craving for more.

Show length: ~ 70 minutes

Upcoming Performances:

The 2022 summer tour planning is underway! Check back soon for updates to the tour schedule!

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"The best thing about the show is that you never know what's happening next"


Liisa Risu - Hurjaruuth Artistic Director

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 Ada Forsberg, Anselmi Kaisanlahti, Armas Lintusaari, Linnea Purontaus, Minna Pulsa, Orfeo Llewellyn.