Our Journey

Hi there! We are Arctic Ensemble, a Finnish circus group, troupe, collective... what ever term you prefer to use. We have worked in the traditional and contemporary fields of circus, as well as maybe something in between, and that's great! Versatility is one of our strengths, and also what keeps things fresh and as a result keeps us motivated. The group is a living, molding organism, originally being twelve people strong, but nowadays varying depending on our ongoing projects. The values we want to bring everywhere we work are teamwork, the ability to take on new challenges and work with new people and most importantly the quality of our work, on AND off the stage; all things we learned in Sasak circus school in Lahti, Finland. So please, browse our website, enjoy our content and we hope to see you soon in real life!


Sirkus Finlandia

This was our first contract as a group and boy did we feel it. Everyone was a part of two acts, with some of us even doing three but nevertheless we went in full throttle and came out wiser, stronger and eager to keep doing what we love. We can never thank Calle Jernström and his family enough for having us on their amazing tour.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Payne, circus-view.com, Joonas Purastie, Akira Akasaka, Otto Laine, Mira Heikkilä, Karo Holmberg and Mikko Pirinen